Still I Rise.

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Karina Eibatova // Healing Crystals


Karina Eibatova // Healing Crystals

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I’ve reblogged this a million times and I’m okay with that..

i love this


so true





I’ve reblogged this a million times and I’m okay with that..

i love this


so true

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after I graduate I want to go to my teachers house in the night and be like

There are green-eyed Mexicans. The rich blond Mexicans. The Mexicans with the faces of Arab sheiks. The Jewish Mexicans. The big-footed-as-a-German Mexicans. The leftover-French Mexicans. The chaparrito compact Mexicans. The Tarahumara tall-as-desert-saguaro Mexicans. The Mediterranean Mexicans. The Mexicans with Tunisian eyebrows. The negrito Mexicans of the double coasts. The Chinese Mexicans. The curly-haired, freckled-faced, red-headed Mexicans. The jaguar-lipped Mexicans. The wide-as-a-Tula-tree Zapotec Mexicans. The Lebanese Mexicans. Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say I don’t look Mexican. I am Mexican.

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the godzilla movie like just came out and they already have gifs of it wtf

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I watched this the other week and i started crying my eyes out. 

See. It’s not fair. They took Goofy, who even in GOOF TROOP was still just overly silly and meant for splapstick, and they give Goofy real world fatherhood problems. And to this DAY I will still mist up for this scene.

movies not to watch when you have dad issues #309

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This my speech that I did for CLPP! 

realized that posting a transcript of the speech might be a good idea :) 


I remember the first time I it really hit me that I would never bear children. It was six months into my transition and I was at a pizza parlor, waiting for my order. They were playing Fox News on the TV and some talking heads were blathering on about abortion restrictions. And the thought just came out of nowhere. I would never be able to birth a child. Sure, I could freeze some of my sperm and perhaps in some hazy future a child would be born with my genetic material but it would never come from me. I would never feel the baby’s first kick in my belly nor would I endure the pain of labor. And the thought filled me with sadness. I collapsed into a chair and just started to cry.

            I’m sure the new hormones coursing through me had a lot to do with my strong emotional reaction, (this was not the first unexpected emotional outburst I had in those early months), but the question of family making is one that has stuck with me all of these years. What does it mean to build a family when you will probably never have children? What does it mean to build family when girls like me are being killed before their 30s? What does it mean to build family when elders are rare or unseen? What does it mean to build family in a world that constantly seeks to erase your history, your pain, your triumphs? What does it mean to build family where even in radical queer communities transmisogyny is rampant and unchecked? What does it mean to build family when desire is so hard to come by?

Lets not get it twisted. Trans women of color are the most beautiful and perfect of Goddess’s creatures. But desire for us is kept secret. You don’t build families with girls like us. You don’t take girls like us to meet your mother. You don’t take girls like us down the aisle. And this isn’t just cis men I’m talking about. Cis lesbians are just as quick to say that desire for trans women is strange (but strangely they don’t seem to feel the same way about trans men, because its all about vagina right?). Sexual agency, who is deemed desirable and who is deemed disposable are reproductive issues. Desire for girls like us can get us killed. We are at the same time hypervisible, hypersexual, and yet completely ignored when you cut the lights on. Desire does not exist in a vacuum and it is so crucial that we interrogate what kind of bodies we find attractive and what kind of bodies repulse us. It is important that we understand how desirability can lead to access and how lack of desirability or shame of desirability can lead to violence.

            Violence against trans women of color is a reproductive issue. We are unable to build families because of state violence, because of we don’t have access to transition related care, because our economic opportunities are limited, because most girls like me are killed before they reach 25. Put simply, if trans women of color cannot reproduce because of the violence that we face, than it is a reproductive issue. If we cannot build the network of people and community that constitutes a family because of the transmisogyny we face, than it is a reproductive issue. If we cannot find people who will cherish us and desire us for who we are, than it is a reproductive issue. If we cannot survive, if cannot thrive, than it is a reproductive issue.

            Audre Lorde says, “Poetry is not only a dream or a vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. It lays the foundations for a future of change, a bridge across our fears of what has never been before.” So it is in the spirit of that quote that I leave with you with this.


Dreams drifting

Dreams drifting down

Dreams drifting down my lover’s



Reaching across the bridge

Ancestors breathing up


For my baby unborn

For my sister living rough

For my auntie lost in the old days

For my mother struggling to get back home

For you


Muerta pero viviendo aqui

En las lineas de my palma

I build for you

I live for you

There are days

Hard days

Days where my underwear

Scratches the inside of my thighs

Days where my makeup

Burns the soft creases of my lips

Days where my hands shake

And nothing feels right

These days

I remember to breathe

Feel the soft core

See the smooth veins cording over

My skin

I am alive

Girls like me only have one ending

And I am still shocked

Every birthday

My lover asks me

How does your story end today

I close my eyes

Surf beating on the shore

The smell of fresh turned earth


Sunlight on my cheek

Lips full of papaya

Surrounded by the family

We built together




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